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5 Things I Learned About Public Speaking From Delivering A TEDx Talk

Guides & TipsPosted by Blessing Maregere Wed, November 27, 2013 13:51:21

It's been 2 years now since I started public speaking, people who went to school with me or grew up with me knew I was very shy, quiet and I would never speak in front of a few people. Who knew I would be standing in front of over 100 people delivering a speech. I now own the stage and enjoy public speaking.

In November 2013, I had the amazing opportunity of delivering my first ever TEDx talk. From the months of preparation to the delivery of my speech, it was an amazing experience.

I had done many public speeches before, but speaking at TEDx was completely different. There was a lot of excitement around the event and there was good reason for it. The process from preparing and delivering my talk taught me a lot about public speaking I didn’t know before. With support from a professional Coach Paul from TEdx Youth Croydon I managed to deliver the speech to over 100 delegates title 'Let Your Passion Be Your Alarm Clock.

In this article, I share 5 things I learned about public speaking from delivering a TEDx talk:

1. Know your material. Pick a topic you are interested in and have experience in. It is important to have experience in what you want to talk about. Speaking in front of people shows that you are an expert in that topic. So make sure you do enough research and show how confident you are in the topic. My talk was about how we should make passion our alarm clock I have experience in this because my passion is my alarm clock and I was sharing my message to inspire people to follow their passion so they can be successful. You need to be able to answer questions with confidence if people ask you.

2. Practice. Practice. Practice! Rehearse out loud with all equipment you plan on using. Revise as necessary. Work to control filler words; Practice, pause and breathe. Practice with a timer and allow time for the unexpected. Practise makes perfect. I was very shy and would never want to speak in front of people. But I wanted to share my story and inspire people so I had to become a public speaker and practise has helped me a lot and I am now a confident public speaker.

3. Know the audience. It is important to do some research around the audience you will be speaking at. You can’t cater for everyone the same. If its young people they will like something that is funny and creative and older people will want something that is different. So you should always research and know your audience before your speech.

4. Relax: start by addressing the audience. It buys you time and calms your nerves. Pause, smile and count to three before saying anything. When you make an interesting point you should pause for a second and let the audience remember what you said. Make a point and give eye contact and it shows you engaging with the audience.

5. Don’t apologize for any nervousness or problem – the audience probably never noticed it. So if you make a mistake no one will know just carry on as normal.

If you are an aspiring public speaker or a speaker, I hope you can learn from my 5 tips you can check out my TEDx Talk Here (Skip to 29.27):

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